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An Upscale Revolution

There's something new happening in the cannabis retail environment. Gone are the days of shady locations, blacked out windows and security doors. Today’s new dispensary owners are investing in professional interior design to create contemporary, comfortable, safe environments firmly grounded in healthcare.


Americas fastest growing industry is reinventing the experience of a cannabis consumer


The Box

We’ll let you in on a secret… even when we don’t hear those words from our clients, we are doing it anyways! With the help of Ocean Grown Interiors, we can change the negative perceptions of cannabis and elevate the retail customers experience through creative interior design. The way we see it, the design aesthetics in your dispensary should be as unique as you are, that is your brand. It will set you apart from your competition. It will give you a sense of pride and tell your story!


Interior Design & Merchandising
We love everything organic! The inclusion of natural, organic elements in dispensary interiors can make your customers feel calm, at peace, and above all, welcomed.  Using organic interior design elements play a roll in connecting people to nature and nurtures health & well-being.

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Retail Design
Throughout our process we work with you to determine how to best display your products, how they should be positioned within your space to maximize exposure and sales, attract customers, compete with other dispensaries, and grow profits.

We know there is still a lot of room for brands and stores to make an impression and become a household name to consumers. We put an enormous value in a company's brand being succinct with their retail experience. 


growing the cannabis consumer's
retail experience through professional
interior design

We have been in the interior design business for over 25 years working with commercial, retail, residential and home builders merchandising all types of environments and fine tuning our craft.  From preliminary project planning through construction and installation, Ocean Grown Interiors facilitates design projects of all sizes to clients nationwide.


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